Honda’s Assembly Revolution Cell Reinvents How Cars Are Built

Thanks to Honda's Assembly Revolution Cell, we have the new Honda Civic

For a century, automobiles have all been manufactured in the same way thanks to Henry Ford’s moving assembly line. But, few have wondered if perhaps there’s a better way of doing things 100 years later.

Honda has reconsidered the way automobiles are built by replacing the task-based stationary role with a team-based roaming unit. Honda’s Assembly Revolution Cell (ACR) approach being used in its Thailand plant allows workers to move throughout different stages of production atop platforms along a U-shaped path.

Honda reports that this approach is cheaper and more efficient than the traditional assembly line, taking less effort and fewer workers. The process has been in place since March, and is being used to build the newest Honda Civic.

The idea of a team of workers following a car through production has caused quite a stir in the automotive industry. Perhaps Honda’s innovation will catch on!

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