SoftBank Wants a Self-driving Honda Car That Can Talk About Your Feelings

Honda Vehicle Logo - Wilmington, DE

Nearly every automaker is doing their best to get self-driving cars on the road as quickly as possible, but Honda wants to raise the bar even further. With help from SoftBank, the development of a self-driving Honda car that can discuss your feelings with you might be in the future.

Honda Vehicle Logo - Wilmington, DETheir impressive plan is to create a car that can sense the emotions of its driver, and then have a calm conversation with him or her. This could provide an additional sense of support and could potentially even reduce accidents.

In the future, if robots could become supercomputers that detect emotion, why couldn’t self-driving cars do the same? That’s the question that SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son asks, adding that Honda will be at the forefront of this technology.

Of course, this self-driving Honda car that can offer your emotional guidance is far off into the future, but we would love to see this dream come true. If you want to learn more about what Honda currently has in store, feel free to visit us anytime at Union Park Honda.

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