The Future of Honda Safety

Honda Civic interior - Wilmington, DE

Honda has laid out a comprehensive plan for the next 35 years detailing the strides it will make in terms of safety technology over the course of each decade. Honda says it’s “leading society toward a radically transformed mobility experience” and eventually wants to create a world without crashes.

Called the Cooperative Car Society, Honda’s dream also includes transitioning the world to zero-emission driving. According to Honda, the first step in achieving this goal is developing highly automatic vehicles. By 2020, Honda hopes to integrate an omnidirectional safety system and technologies that reduce the need for driver input, reducing Honda crashes by 50%.

Honda Civic interior - Wilmington, DE
Just when you thought Hondas couldn’t get any safer …

2030, Honda says, will see roads where all vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians connected to each other, making collision avoidance easy. 2040 model year Honda vehicles will be completely collision-free. By 2050, Honda will have achieved its goal of a crash-free society thanks to the innovations of both Honda and other automakers, plus the ever-advancing technologies that allow vehicles, mobile devices, and more to connect with each other. These machines will continuously exchange information and, what’s more, they’ll learn and keep getting safer and safer.

With the constant advancements in safety and sensing technology, this goal isn’t unrealistic. Honda creates new ways to make our society easier and safer to navigate for everyone day after day.

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