How to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

save money on Thanksgiving dinner - Union Park Honda
save money on Thanksgiving dinner - Union Park Honda
Thanksgiving Dinner. Photo by Stacy.

Anyone who has prepared a Thanksgiving meal before understands how much work goes into it. There’s planning, cooking, clean up and even decorating. With such a long checklist to worry about, wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you have a few tricks up your sleeves? Maybe some secrets to help you save money on Thanksgiving dinner? It just so happens that we have a few right here.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is always a time and money saver. Plan your meal carefully so that you can compare prices on pre-made products versus homemade, which will often be cheaper (and better). Use this time to look for the best deals on turkeys and other essentials.

Be Prepared for Leftovers

One of the biggest wastes of money associated with Thanksgiving is all of the leftovers that get thrown out. After all, one can only eat turkey, stuffing, and potatoes so many days in a row, right? To make leftovers more enjoyable and thus to avoid wasting anything, plan some recipes that will give your leftovers a new twist. Try making pot pie or a big turkey casserole.

Turn Down the Heat

It sounds too simple to be a real money-saver, but a lower heat bill is a lower heat bill! You’ll have so much heat from the company and the oven that you won’t need much help from your heater. Take the thermostat down several notches and enjoy a smaller bill later.

If you’ll be doing the traveling this year to your Thanksgiving plans, make sure to stop in and see us at Union Park Honda to get your vehicle tuned up beforehand!

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