Honda-Google Partnership in the Works?

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Honda and Google are on the verge of a historic partnership.

The group of automakers researching and developing autonomous vehicle technology is growing rapidly with many manufacturers partnering up with technology companies. Honda is entering the fray as well if talks between the Japanese automaker and Waymo, the autonomous technology part of Google, is any indication.

The Honda-Google partnership is currently in the works and there’s no guarantee the two will reach a deal. While the partnership isn’t official just yet, it certainly is serious given Waymo’s past partnerships.

Waymo currently boasts a fleet of 100 autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans thanks to a partnership with Fiat Chrysler. Any Honda vehicles outfitted with the company’s technology would join that fleet, which Michigan has already cleared for street-legal driving.

Honda has already stated that it aims to have autonomous vehicles on public roadways by 2020 as a part of its pursuit for a collision-free society. Regardless of any partnership, Honda is still working independently on its own technology. A Honda-Google partnership would allow the manufacturer to explore other routes as well.

Considering the Pacifica minivan is currently outfitted with Waymo’s technology, it isn’t a bad guess that the Honda Odyssey could be next.

We here at Union Park Honda hope to see great things from any Honda partnerships!

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