Honda Supplier Awards Recognize Quality and Innovation

Honda Supplier Awards - Wilmington, DE

Honda would be nowhere without the top suppliers in the industry. Suppliers provide parts and materials to the brand so it can make the highest quality vehicles on the market. This demands rigorous inspections and quality control, as well as affordable pricing so Honda can pass savings on to you. During a recent Honda Supplier Conference, the brand recognized more than 900 suppliers.

Honda strives to provide the best parts around, which means quality and innovation are always at the top of its list. The company has purchased a whopping $30 billion in parts for the previous model year, which led to the production of over 1.92 million Honda and Acura passenger vehicles. Among the new cars for the 2016 were the Civic Hatchback, CR-V, and the innovative Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle. The Honda Supplier Awards are one way to say thanks.

“The pursuit of quality is driving activity across our supply chain, and like our Honda associates we depend on suppliers to have the same level of passion to please the customer,” said Tom Lake, vice president for North American Purchasing at Honda North America, Inc. (HNA). “Honda looks forward to working with our suppliers to strategically meet the needs of our customers.”

Honda recognizes both OEM and Service Parts Suppliers. The Excellence in Innovation Award went to Bridgestone Tires, while the Sustainability Award went to Axalta Coating Systems. This company was able to reduce waste by more than one million pounds. At Union Park Honda, we’re proud to get our materials and parts from such upstanding companies. This is just one more reason to buy Honda over its competitors.

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