Tips for Sharing the Road with Bicycles

sharing the road with bicycles

The warm weather of summer makes it the perfect time for bicyclists to be out, which means you’re probably seeing them on the road a lot more often. If you’re not sure what the right procedure is for sharing the road with bicycles, here are some quick safety tips.

For one, remember that bicycles shouldn’t be on the sidewalk because it’s dangerous for pedestrians, so don’t get frustrated with them! Frustration leads to reckless driving. It doesn’t cost you that much time to slow down a little and wait for a safe opportunity to go around cyclists. Don’t fly around them—you could easily knock them off their bikes. Plus, when you slow down, it lets other cars behind you know to slow down, too.

When you’re driving you should keep your eyes peeled for cyclists, because they’re smaller and quieter than cars, which makes them easy to miss. And watch for their hand signals! Know what left turn, right turn, and stop signals look like and be comfortable with responding to them.

Remember: on the road, bikes are slow cars without any safety features. Give them a wide berth and be extra cautious around them, especially child cyclists.

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