DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

costumes for kids

Looking for an original costume idea that won’t break the bank? The most fun costumes for kids are homemade ones. Use these ideas from Union Park Honda to create your own Halloween costumes this season.

Bubble Bath

A duck-shaped pool float left over from the summer can be worn as an over-sized bath toy. Add some white balloons for the bubbles, and you have yourself a bubble bath!

Raining Cats and Dogs

Some of the best Halloween costumes come from a play on words. Have your child help you cut out cat and dog shapes and then glue or tape them to an umbrella. Rain boots and a raincoat will complete the picture.

The Black Cat

If your kid is interested in taking a traditionally spooky route, the black cat is a quick and easy option. Make your own cat ears with some construction paper and a headband, or buy an inexpensive tail and ears set at the store. With ears and tail, all your child needs is a black outfit and some whiskers drawn on with face paint or eyeliner.


Take the sandwich board to a whole new literal level by creating bread slices with cardboard. It’s one of many easy cardboard-based costumes that you can come up with so that your child can have a one-of-a-kind costume this year.

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