Save Money and Resources with the Honda SmartCharge™ Beta Program

Honda intends to earn two-thirds of its profits from electric vehicles sales by the year 2030, and they are already taking big steps toward this goal. For one thing, the brand has recently introduced the new Honda SmartCharge™ system, which helps drivers of Honda electric vehicles (EVs) save money while reducing the vehicle’s carbon footprint.

The automaker developed the program to help address an EV charging dilemma. Most EV drivers plug in their vehicles to charge in the morning or evening, either before they leave for or after they return from work. This means that the electric grid is strained and charging prices are highest during these peak hours.

The Honda SmartCharge™ program, currently in its beta testing phase, seeks to address this hiccup by rewarding Honda EV drivers for charging their vehicle during off-peak hours. This technology enhances consumer convenience by recording the driver’s preferred charging time. It then uses its algorithms to scan pricing signals from the electric grid, so drivers know which charging stations are open during this period. Drivers can also monitor their vehicle’s charging progress.

Currently, the Honda SmartCharge™ program is available for only Honda Fit EV customers. However, the brand plans to roll out the system to other EVs after it completes the beta testing phase.

Contact us at Union Park Honda to find out more about the Honda SmartCharge™ program, as well as Honda’s fuel-efficient models.

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