Honda e Prototype EV Combines Cuteness with Eco-Friendliness

Honda e Prototype EV | Union Park Honda Blog | Wilmington, DE

Honda offers multiple eco-friendly vehicle options to choose from in its lineup — and now, it looks like it will possibly offer one more. During the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese carmaker introduced a potential production vehicle called the Honda e Prototype EV.

This all-electric vehicle is a compact hatchback that doesn’t skimp when it comes to style. Its design is decidedly retro, similar to the styling of the first-ever Honda Civic. It has rounded headlights, sleek body lines, and wheel wells that are much rounder than you would normally see in a vehicle.

Although it looks like a vehicle from the past, the e Prototype is solidly set in the 21st century. The electric vehicle’s interior boasts multiple high-resolution LCD screens that provide the driver with a range of information, from navigation directions and audio controls to speed and mileage. This cute compact also uses very few physical buttons to highlight its futuristic feel. One characteristic that puts it firmly in the future, though, is the fact that it uses cameras instead of rearview mirrors.

The e Prototype will have a 125-mile range and will charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes, which makes it a suitable option for city dwellers that want to go green. It’s also a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, which will give it lively driving dynamics when you’re behind the wheel.

While the e Prototype isn’t on dealership lots, you can check out Honda’s other efficient vehicles when you visit us at Union Park Honda.

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