New Generation Honda Clarity Feels Like A Quality Honda Sedan

new generation Honda clarity to feature more room for passengers

As is often the case with new technologies, customers are expected to make concessions. Participating in a new technology can mean sacrificing the features that we expect, and the features we love.


Hydrogen fuel cell technology is one such innovation. It’s relatively new and one of the immediate challenges with fuel cell tech is that it’s bulky. As GizMag explains, it takes up “valuable passenger or cargo space in the car.”


And here we get to why the latest generation of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is so great. Engineers worked extremely hard to make the high-tech sedan feel like a true Honda sedan—that is, comfortable, spacious, and open. It features “all of the room and versatility that buyers in the segment expect.”


In the end, the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan is a quality Honda sedan, but it just happens to feature a high-tech powertrain fueled by hydrogen, with the capability to going almost 435 miles on a tank. And when it needs a fill-up, it only takes three minutes.


The new generation Honda Clarity will be available in select markets soon. Meanwhile, Honda plans to implement advancements in the technology across their product line.

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