Are Snow Tires Really Worth Having?

Are Snow Tires Really Worth Having?

It’s the several-hundred-dollar question: are snow tires really worth having?

Snow tires can add up to be quite the investment, but when you find yourself on snowy and icy roads, you’ll be happy you spent the extra dollars. Many drivers assume that regular all-season tires will do the trick, but in areas with extreme winter weather, often they don’t measure up. Here are three reasons winter tires are well-worth springing for.

  1. In the long run, it’s not more expensive. While you’ll have to pay the costs for the tires upfront when you purchase them, your all-season (or summer ) tires will actually last twice as long, because now you’re splitting road time between two sets of tires each year. Once you buy your winter tires, you can expect both your winter and summer set to last twice as long as they would if you drove on one set for 365 days each year.
  2. Control your car better. Winter tires allow for you to stop, accelerate, and turn with more control in icy, slushy, wet, and snowy conditions.
  3. Winter tires are built to perform in snow. Winter tires are engineered to be more pliable than all-season tires, this way they don’t become like hard plastic in sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, winter tires feature aggressive tread patterns, which are designed to take fluid in and move it out of the way.

Here at Union Park Honda, we wish you a safe winter driving season. Check out some of our favorite Honda winter vehicles that can take on ice and snow and protect your family this season.

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