What Causes Road Rage?

Road rage

What causes road rage? The obvious answer is that idiot who just swerved in front of you, missing your front end by only a hair’s breadth. But really, how we explain how this aggravation so easily turns into explosive, and potentially dangerous, rage?

The psychologists over at Psychology Today have outlined four factors that cause road rage…

Driving makes us tense. This everything to do with the fact that driving is extremely dangerous. We know it. Anger can take over quickly because it feeds on that tension.

When we drive, we have a tendency to see any obstacle as blocking our goal. And of course, our goal is to get to our destination! When someone slows us down on the road, we can project intentions onto that person, as if they intend to stop us from achieving our goal.

On the road, we make our own rules. Technically-speaking, it isn’t not the law to pull into an intersection when waiting to turn left. It certainly promotes the flow of traffic and therefore may be a rule of yours. Someone violates that rule (how do they know what you believe?) and we can easily get angry.

Inside of our vehicle, we feel anonymous. This gives us the freedom to behave in ways we never normally would outside of our vehicles.

Be aware of what causes road rage and stay calm and happy during your commute, and follow Union Park Honda for more driving tips and tricks.

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