How to Drive in Freezing Rain

drive in freezing rain

The weather has been a little wacky this year, and that’s led to weird weather conditions like freezing rain, which freezes when it hits the ground because the ground is colder than the air. This turns the road into a veritable ice rink, so it’s very important to follow these safety tips on how to drive in freezing rain.

First, the obvious: Go slow. Much slower than usual. The faster you go, the more likely you are to slide on the ice. You also need more stopping distance, so keep as much space as you can between yourself and the car in front of you, and course turn your lights on when you notice it starting to rain.

Never use cruise control in bad road conditions—you need to be able to gradually slow down without engaging your brakes.  Avoid braking except when necessary, as braking is the surest way to get into a skid. And remember, if at all possible, just stay home! There’s no reason to put yourself or anyone else at unnecessary risk.

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